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Amy's album title 'Building Reasons And Dreams' honors the memory of her brother Brad. It features songs from the heart, that offer healing for the soul. Through her songwriting and music, particularly songs 'My Angel,' and 'Borrowed Angels,' Amy brings healing to those who have lost loved ones.  With songs 'Shoot For The Moon,' ‘Building Reasons And Dreams,’ and ‘Dance Baby Girl,’ Amy inspires us to never give up, even as the tides of depression rise.  She shows us hope, and belief in our dreams.  Her music brings healing to the many hurting souls around the world and is the perfect gift for anyone who struggles with depression, thoughts of suicide, or in need of encouragement to live their biggest dreams.  The lyrics are powerful, written for all ages and walks of life, showing that Amy’s true dream is to see everyone reach their biggest dreams while shining like the star they were born to be.

Building Reasons and Dreams
Amy McAllister Single Release Photo3
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