Double D Facing Each Other Rounded Edge
Besides being her music label, what is "Diamond Discovery?"  Simply put, it is the way Amy McAllister has chosen to live her life. Amy McAllister has a special ability- one which helps her discover exceptional people and help make them shine...
Amy has always  understood how important it is for all of us to shine our lights in the darkest places. She has believed this so passionately, that it became a mission of hers, years ago, to discover exceptional people- sometimes people who don't even know they are exceptional. She then helps them discover their own uniqueness- what it is that makes them special- the qualities and traits which make them who they are.
Through her music, her mission, and her own sparkling personality, Amy truly intends to continue shining her own light, while helping others discover how they may become all they aspire to be, so they may shine their brightest light.
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